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    Garage door motor repair may be more crucial than what most people think.

    Opening and closing residential garage doors happen at least 1,500 times per year on average.

    Most garage doors rise from the ground at a speed of seven inches per second.

    The mechanics that operate a garage door opener are critical to a home’s operation.

    While there are four different types of garage door openers, they all have one thing in common.

    That is a motor that drives a trolley.

    The door then links to the trolley.

    The trolley moves the door up or down when it is triggered.

    Mechanical and electrical components work together to make the garage door operate smoothly and easily.

    While routine maintenance can help to keep issues at bay, problems can still develop as a result of normal wear and tear on parts over time.

    If you’re reading this right now and wondering what this article is talking about then you definitely need a professional for this.

    We at Alamo City Garage Pros are the best choice for you and any of your garage door needs.

    Horsepower In A Garage Door

    The driving force behind the up and down movements of a garage door is horsepower (HP).

    The size and weight of the door may be used to calculate the amount of horsepower required for a specific garage unit.

    HP ratings for garage openers generally range from 1/3 on smaller, less expensive versions to 1 1/2 on higher-end systems.

    The following is a common rule of thumb for the relationship between HP ratings and door sizes:

    ⅓ HP

    A single-car garage door requires around 1/3 horsepower to operate.

    A little greater HP, on the other hand, will typically put less strain on the opener.

    ½ HP

    1/2 HP is generally enough power for regular opening and shutting duties on homes with dual-vehicle, sectional-door garage systems.

    ¾  — 1 ½  HP

    HP of at least 3/4 is generally suggested for bigger homes with more advanced garage door openers.

    Especially if the door is utilized more frequently than normal.

    2 Types of Currents for Garage Door Opener

    The motor unit will be worn out eventually.

    A garage door’s motor can run on either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) (DC).

    Because DC-powered garage door openers can convert AC to DC power, this is usually the preferred option.

    In addition, DC motors are smaller in size, as well as smoother and quieter in operation.

    Alamo City Garage Pros

    If you’re looking for a company that can take care, repair, or completely install a new motor for your garage door opener, then look no further.

    Alamo City Garage Pros offer services to garage door motor repair, to actual garage door repair in San Antonio.

    That’s not all.

    We also offer garage door installation in San Antonio as well!

    Look for the tag “Garage Door Motor Repair” on our website.

    What are you waiting for?

    Contact us now and get the VIP treatment for the garage door motor repair package.

    Why Should I Hire Alamo City Garage Pros?

    The repair of a garage door motor, whether it’s your first time to own a garage or repairing a malfunctioning garage door opener motor, may be a major effort.

    As a result, it’s critical to understand what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to repair or install a garage door opener motor yourself.

    However, it’s always a good idea to employ a professional — someone who knows how to handle and test garage door openers — to do the installation job for you.

    A residential garage door may weigh up to 600 pounds, so having enough people to get it up and synced with the tracks is essential.

    Furthermore, the alignment of rail components might necessitate a great deal of handiwork.

    Leave garage door motor installation and replacement to the experts.

    unless you’re an experienced handyman who can adapt to a variety of home repair jobs.

    On a regular basis, the specialists who do garage door opener motor repairs and installs know all things about installing new motors in garage doors of any and all sizes.

    We have the necessary tools as well as the necessary skills to install and/or repair your garage door opener motor securely and correctly.

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