How To Manually Open A Garage Door

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    How to manually open a garage door is something a homeowner must know, if the situation calls for it.

    Both automatic and electronic garage doors usually hold some type of bypass.

    This bypass is what allows homeowners to manually open their garage doors.

    Consequently, this instantly sets off to be a necessity if a power failure ensues or if the opener gets lost.

    What the bypass does is that it unlinks the garage doors from its powered carriage.

    However, this does not derail the garage doors from its track.

    Once the bypass is disconnected from the door, homeowners can now manually lift the garage doors.

    If the problem is the power outage, one may lock in their bypass when the power returns.

    Should one eventually find their garage door opener, homeowners may also do the same.

    When these problems are solved, the garage door may be used like normal again.

    Steps on How To Manually Open a Garage Door

    1. Under the garage door’s chain, put a ladder.

    The garage door’s chain is one of the components that helps in the overall operation of a set of garage doors.

    From there, one must look for a red cord.

    One may find that somewhere around the area of the chain.

    Most of the time, chain cords are colored in red.

    However, it does not always mean that the cord is colored red.

    Just as long as it presents itself as a cord, then that is probably the right cord one is looking for.

    A knob is normally placed at the end of the cord.

    1. With the knob as a grip handle, pull on the cord.

    For most of the time, a small lever is provided wherein the cord can hook itself onto.

    There is usually a 15-degree angle tilt for the lever.

    Should it not be tilted at that angle, it is normally positioned straight down.

    The lever should be loaded by a spring mechanism.

    From there, the cord must be pulled down until it locks itself in a position that suggests a downward motion.

    After that, one may descend from the ladder they are on.

    1. Hold onto the bottom of the door and lift the whole door.

    Should the door still not give way, one must simply repeat the steps mentioned above.

    Only this time, the homeowner must pull on the cord with more effort and force.

    If a homeowner is not able to lift the door fully, it is better to get a professional to help you.

    Once the garage door is fully lifted off the ground, do not by any means let it go.

    Should a homeowner let it go, the garage door will derail from its track and will fall down on you.

    One may hold the door’s position by utilizing a two-by-four.

    One may also have someone hold the door for them while the one driving the car goes in and out of the garage.

    When one is done utilizing the garage doors, one may carefully put the garage door down.

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