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    Doing a heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors repair on your own is extremely difficult, not to mention, dangerous.

    While commercial garage doors are generally sturdy, they can also be exposed issues.

    This can cause difficulty in operation.

    When they sink into such, you need to contact a garage door repair in San Antonio.

    However, you need to know the issues that might surround your commercial garage door first:

    Mislevelled Garage Door

    A garage door installation should use a particular leveling tool in terms of installing a door.

    In return, this tool will make sure that the door is aligned properly and can operate easily.

    It is difficult to trust a professional who may only eye-ball the level of the garage door.

    Make sure that a tool is used.

    Misaligned Header

    If your garage door installer has set the header far towards the front or at the back, then the track will not fall into the guide itself at the right position.

    Then, it wouldn’t give you a smooth operation.

    You need to call for a heavy-duty commercial garage doors repair for this.

    This is because such a mistake can cause the door to drag on the guides or push against the wall.

    Overturned Spring

    If the spring has been given more than enough tension by means of turning the door more than what is recommended, then it could break down.

    Adding the incorrect amount of tension can also make the door even more difficult to control.

    Tightened Guides

    If your guide strips have been too fastened, then the door panel will slide against the guides, which makes the door hard to open or close.

    This requires, therefore, a garage door repair in San Antonio.

    In the course of time, such an issue will also peel off the paint and then damage the door sheet.

    You should call for a heavy-duty commercial garage doors repair immediately.

    Misaligned Cable Drum

    Garage doors that have older designs have to be lined up with a large piece of metal at the edge of the drum in order to form a barrel while doing the installation.

    When this activity is done incorrectly, then the door itself won’t be able to line up properly, thus causing the door to roll in a crooked way. 

    In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you purchase a door that has a corrugated drum.

    This design will allow the corrugated sheet to be affixed to the drum, thus creating the perfect barrel when it wraps.

    This also eradicates any possibility of error by the user while the installation process is ongoing. It also makes sure that the door is in proper alignment.

    Damaged Door Sheet

    It is a common issue to have the sheet panels of the commercial door get damaged over time.

    Some cases include doors that only have a chain stop which can only be accessed by means of a tractor or else, a forklift.

    In return, this can cause the door to slam into the head stop or the floor.

    After a certain period of time, this can cause even more damage to the door along with its components.

    It is also quite common for the machinery of the commercial warehouse to have dents or scratches on the doors while on business operations.

    In order to prevent these issues from arising, make sure that extreme care is taken whenever you operate the commercial roll-up door.

    Moreover, you should also encourage your employees to exercise caution in operating the mechanism.

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