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    Professionals who handle garage door torsion spring repair know that it is not an easy job for homeowners.

    For this, we always recommend reaching out to a garage door spring repair in San Antonio.

    As a guide, however, here is what is usually done in a garage door torsion spring repair:

    Step One: Getting ready.

    The first thing to do before starting on the garage door torsion spring repair is to ensure that the opener has been disconnected.

    To do this, just unplug the opener from the door by utilizing the release cord and pulling on it.

    Arrach a vice-grip into the vertical track, which is positioned above the rollers.

    Step Two: Remove and replace the springs.

    For the old springs that still have tension, just insert a winding bar into the winding cone.

    After that, utilize a socket wrench to remove the setting or the holding screws slowly.

    This will then have the tension released on the winding bar.

    Then, simply remove the tension and stop when the winding bar is now facing the floor and is pressed on the door.

    Afterward, place the second winding bar to the winding cone, then lift it up to detach the first winding bar.

    After that, simply detach the second winding bar until it has been pointed to the floor.

    Utilize the two winding bars in order to remove the tension, by turning it one-quarter at a time.

    Just remember to be patient and never to place your hand on the springs just to attain stability.

    When you use the winding bars, keep in mind to place them away from the face and the clothes.

    After you have completely unwound the two springs and they now have zero tension, proceed to the removal of the center bolts, which connect the two springs together.

    Then, loosen the cable drums and have the cable released.

    Pull each drum to the middle of the torsion shaft afterward.

    After that has been down, simply file down some screw marks on the shaft.

    Then, pull the shaft out of the rear bracket, then have the cable drum removed, as well as the spring.

    Place the new spring on the torsion shaft and ensure that the red winding cone is placed on the garage’s left side.

    The opposite spring should have a winding cone that is black.

    Simply have these steps repeated about seven and eight on the other side.

    Strep Three: Fasten the springs.

    After placing the torsion shaft into its position, simply put the springs again at the center.

    Then, position the cable to the cable drum again that is at the left and then let it wind.

    Secure the cable drum on the shaft,

    Then, utilize the cable taut to position the vice-grip to the torsion shaft and tighten it against the header.

    Place the cable to the cable drum at the right, then run it again, and have it fastened onto the shaft.

    As for the springs, insert the winding bar for the left spring into the cone and have it rotate towards the header.

    Place a second winding bar into the cone and then place it against the door.

    Simply remove the other winding bar, and then lift it upward for a turn, about a quarter.

    You should look into the instruction manual for the specific quarter turns that are required.

    If you have a seven-foot door, you need about 31 quarter turns.

    However, if you have an eight-foot door, you need 34 turns.

    After finishing the turns, simply leave one winding bar in the cone to allow it to press against the door.

    Once that is done, secure the set screws that are located on the left side of the torsion spring.

    If you cannot do the steps above by yourself, reach out to a garage door repair in San Antonio.

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