Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    Your commercial garage door needs a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    As they are oftentimes exhausted in terms of use in the building, it is only natural that they are given ample attention.

    Commercial businesses tend to employ the use of a commercial overhead door due to its ability to provide maximum security.

    Yet, if they are not given the right amount of attention, they can deteriorate as well.

    Hence, here are some reasons why you need a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist:

    Reason One: To maintain safety.

    As a homeowner, safety is something that you strive to achieve.

    With proper maintenance on your garage door, you can achieve that.

    Preventive maintenance can keep failure away from your hardware, thus leaving the door with smooth operation.

    It could also significantly decrease the risk of injury.

    Reason Two: For life longevity.

    It is undeniable that commercial garage doors can last for many years.

    However, the parts can wear out prematurely with the absence of the commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    Your regular inspections can help prolong the life of the garage door system.

    Reason Three: For lesser expenses.

    Overhead door tune-ups are far cheaper compared to the common repairs or any replacements.

    Hence, it is best to have commercial garage door inspections done every once in a while.

    It is essential that you perform some annual maintenance visits or the site managers themselves or employees can do the inspections as well as the basic tests.

    Through this, you can identify any possible issue with the garage door.

    In addition, do the following as well:

    Door Inspection

    Have the door shut first and then inspect the components of the garage door visually.

    This includes the cables, the springs, the rollers, and the hangers.

    Inspecting for any sign of too much wear or any rust and presence of corrosion can go a long way.

    Balance Testing

    To be able to perform this, you have to disconnect the opener first from the power, and then have the door lifted about halfway up the tracks.

    If the door has been balanced properly, then the door should remain in place.

    Any door that is unbalanced can either break or plummet down.

    Reversal Testing

    Garage door installation in San Antonio should have a safety precaution, which includes testing the reverse mechanism by means of placing wood at the end of the door.

    Close your commercial garage door by utilizing the opener.

    When the door has hit the wood, then it should reopen automatically.

    Photo Eye Cleaning

    The debris that might have settled in the photo eyes must be removed.

    Moreover, test the function of the safety feature by means of closing the garage door and then hindering the beam in the system using a broomstick.

    If it is functioning properly, then the door should be raised even when the beam has been broken.


    It should be necessary that you ensure that the moving parts are lubricated properly so as to keep the buildup of rust and wear at bay.

    It is important for your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    Regular Maintenance.

    A sectional and rolling door in commercial buildings needs regular maintenance.

    Performing maintenance and crossing off your checklist can help you identify the condition as well as the health of the door.

    This can include the location, the normal operation, and the environmental condition.

    You can do this every month and examine for any loose hardware.

    Practice lubrication on the moving parts as well.

    Moreover, inspect the tracks and make sure that they are in perfect alignment.

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